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  •  So I am at 20,286 (11+ / 0-)

    and as I thought that is the end of the story.  I see a possible sequel so I guess I will do that.  As you said, I am getting to know my character and now he has two companions.  

    The doors:

    1.  The door pulled open so suddenly that Jasper fell into the inn and barely caught himself on a table.  He pulled himself erect and stared at the man who was leaving the inn so precipitously.  The back side of him looked familiar.  Pirate Jealousy, the blackest-hearted man on the Ten Seas of Togwogmagog.  The same one who Jasper had just questioned at the point of a sword and then let go with the warning to stay out of town.  Apparently that command had been ignored.


    Jasper's knees felt weak.  He had to sit down.  The barhelp dumped a mug of ale in front of him and held out his hand.  Jasper placed a coin in it and then another small one for a tip.  The door flew open and crashed against his table spilling his ale.  Jasper jumped to his feet.  Had Jealousy returned?  Had he come to get Jasper?  Everyone in the inn looked at the stranger in the doorway.  Jasper turned white.  It was a troll who looked for all the world like Hitch except he had scars running down his cheeks and one arm was in a cast and held tight to his chest.

    The stranger caught Jasper's eyes with his own and winked.  Then he backed slowly out the door again.  The noise of the inn returned and Jasper went to the bar.  He pawed through his pockets for his last coin and asked for a jug to take with him.  With infinite care he slid through the door and turned left down the street.  Ahead of him, limping along and splashing through deep mud puddles was the tall troll.

    "Hitch!  Wait!"

    The troll stopped and turned around.

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