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View Diary: NY Times reporter asks President question that NY Times deems not newsworthy (116 comments)

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    1.  This is not the first time President Obama has used these words ("take"). I did intro those paragraphs with "Need to take a moment for an editorial comment." And, as per what you clipped, I started with praising the achievement.  The incorrect 'take' vs 'keep' does matter in terms of habitual language and the message(s) it sends.  

    2.  What I did not do, which makes sense to have done, is compared the specificity and power of the President's responses on other issues to the climate change discussion. Quoted, in comment just above yours, from WashPost today:

    Part of the reason America still lacks a comprehensive, long-term global warming strategy is that Obama put climate policy lower on his first-term priority list than health care and financial reform. Will the issue get the attention it requires in his second term? In the end, the president on Wednesday was not very encouraging. He had many more details and a far more urgent tone answering questions on budget and immigration reforms. About long-term climate policy, the best he could manage was this: “You can expect that you’ll hear more from me in the coming months and years about how we can shape an agenda that garners bipartisan support.” That hardly signals an ambition in proportion to the size of the problem.
    3.  Thoughts with you on 'cleaning out' ...

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    by A Siegel on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 05:46:39 AM PST

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