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View Diary: Harry Reid Lays The Smackdown To Scott Brown (274 comments)

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  •  I will delurk & back you up too. (5+ / 0-)

    I think Brown would be very hard to beat at this particular moment. He has the campaign structure and the money already in place which would be a huge advantage.  It used to make me pull my hair but he was liked here to a surprising degree by people who should know better -even though he cost us all dear, is far from the sharpest tack in the box, and showed himself to be a fraud and a bully. Lots of people apparently are happy to vote for handsome, thick bullies, to wit, Mitt.

    He cost himself a great deal in this last election by being uber thick,  a proven liar and a very unpleasant asshole. I think we could be rid of him and his truck and barn coat possibly for good, except for two things. 1) We Massholes are as you say loyal people and while he was overall a destructive to useless Senator, he did just enough grandstanding for certain local interests/issues that it would give his voters, plus some who chose Warren's brains & advocacy in the end a cosy nice feeling if Scott got a seat too.
    2) Everything is in place.  My neighbors can just stick the Brown yard signs back in the hay bales they used last time & haven't gotten around to removing yet.  Ditto entire campaign infrastructure, volunteers, dollars etc.  He just gets back in the truck & goes around smiling & if he doesn't say too much stupid...The Warren campaign was impressive and light years more competent but whom would we coalesce around?

    That said given the way he and the Republicans have damaged & exposed themselves, especially with women, I think given more time any reasonably competant Democratic candidate could beat him easily with enough of the establishment behind her/him.  Mike Capuano didn't lose to Coakley because he wasn't a good candidate so much as because The Powers That Be had already decided it was her turn, especially as many of them were still smarting about Hilary. (I could be wrong about that but it was my impression at the time).  

    •  You UnCloaked! (3+ / 0-)
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      Sophie Amrain, peacevehicle, revsue

      You have many good points...mbe post more often!.That  Brown's machinery are in place, ready to go, is important.

      It's about timing. If this were all happening in a year I wouldn't be as concerned about Brown, as you indicate.

      Thanks for the backup. Dems at National level need to fully understand what they are quite likely giving up in offering Kerry other posts. It is fine they do, fine he takes it, but it needs to be a reality that have to factor in to the equation.

      Hearing Reed "not worried about MA" disturbs me, true or not, because it misleads others. Folks here, for example, in the least.

      the nuances on the ground matter.

      I am a woman and watching Brown's goofy rambling concession speech it was hard to dislike him. Even though I know all the crap he pulled on Warren, which broke their agreement to go negative. He is gifted with charm and likability. If I, who detest so much of what he did, how he voted...and who worked on Warren's campaign....could forget my animosity in the moment it is clear to me many others may forget what they so disliked about him in this campaign.

      Thanks for background about Capuano. I just think if he runs against Brown people will see how far he falls from Warren. My understanding is that he's close to Pelosi and Brown will paint him as part of the Dem machine. I just do not see him winning over Brown and his already formed campaign. All those people ardent for Warren will not be so ardent for Capuano (though I myself voted for him over Coakley.)

    •  glad you understand my point about people (2+ / 0-)
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      peacevehicle, My Name

      wanting to give Brown a seat too! (cozy nice feeling)

      there is something "fair" and "just" and "loyal" about MA voters.....maybe its a very deep conservative streak in not wanting to kick people out once they are in, giving them huge benefit of doubt.

      Not enough people feel screwed over directly by Brown because they did not follow each vote...most people dont know what he does much when he's in DC

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