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  •  Limiting Itemized Tax Deductions is a Ruse!!! (1+ / 0-)
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    To allow the tax debate to be dictated by the losers tax plan (Mitt Romney's) the republicans are going to get their way and act as if they are creating a more fair taxing of the rich by saying (Eliminate the loopholes and limit the itemized tax deductions of the WEALTHY and broaden the tax base) = A ruse to not raise the marginal tax rate on people making $250,000 or more. And i'm afraid that Obama and the democrats we just elected have tried to open that door to try and look bipartisan.
       This is a serious mistake limiting tax deductions and broadening the tax base = GETTING MORE TAX REVENUE FROM THE MIDDLE CLASS. They throw in the word WEALTHY to complete the ruse.
       I f they don't do what we voted for ( Raise the marginal tax rate on $250,000 or more, make carried interest or capital gains to be taxed as regular income and take the cap off of Social Security to make it solvent for forever) The people we have just contributed to with money we don't have, canvassed for on time we could have  used for ourselves and voted for to win office. Will have effectively used us!!!!!!MARK MY WORDS!!!

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