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View Diary: The Return of the (Baculum) King, or Want to Die Slowly, Mangled Beyond Recognition?? (211 comments)

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  •  Oh my, be still my heart BUT this was one fine (22+ / 0-)

    piece of writing. I am sending a copy to my son who is a truck driver with millions of miles. He will undoubtably be pleased to read such freaking lovely writing from his point of view. BRAVO.

    I don't drive truck but I agree on the slowing down, the scariness of ice, the spacing, the momentum of large rigs, stupidity in fogs, cell phones, texting, ... Geesh i can  not imagine being in a rig on ice. My worst experience was in a car where  I made no sudden moves and was taking it slow but suddenly I had no control. Luckily I wasn't going fast and the car slid to the curb... Where I left it as I got out to walk home.

    The only one you didn't mention is one encountered frequently here in Oregon is the main danger of the 2 lanes. It took me years of kvetching at my new to Oregon hubby to slow down going around blind curves for 2 reasons. First if you take the corner too fast you may swing out even a small amount into the other lane. Second you want to be going slow in case  someone in other lane is going too fast and cuts into your lane. There are highways here that have continual esses that can almost take you to a near u turn. That is not even considering large animals such as elk or a deer deciding to cross in front of you  because they can;t see you.

    My son who drove into LA basin over the grapevine told me this story. He was driving when suddenly he noticed a Highway patrol who was swinging around in front of him switch on his lights and gesture him to get over. So he did. When he got out he asked the officier what he had done. As the officier was walking to the back of his rig he answered "nothing". By then they had reached the back of his rig. There under the trailer was a small car with a man , a screaming woman and a crying baby. It turns out that this guy thought he would save fuel by letting the truck pull him and had got as far under the trailer as he could. He did not get a ticket...he was arrested. Maybe we should have a charge for rank stupidity too.

    How can you tell when Rmoney is lying? His lips are moving. Fear is the Mind Killer

    by boophus on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 06:43:05 AM PST

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