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    that American consumers can't boycott all the businesses that abuse them at once.  The sad fact is that we need their products to survive, and many of them have beaten so many more worthy competitors out of the markets that we're left with a choice between Bad and Worse.

    That said, one of the first rules of strategy is Concentration of Forces.  While your enemy is of necessity divided, you can concentrate all of your efforts on each of his units and pick them off one at a time.  That means, none of these scatter-all boycotts.  One of the reasons the Limbaugh team is having so much success in the aftermath of his hysterically misogynistic remarks is that they have CONCENTRATED an immense firepower of complaint and anger against a SINGLE target in the hate-media.  Similarly, instead of trying to boycott every company run by a jackass -- there are just too many of them -- we need to choose one at a time for retaliation.  With the all-important Christmas sales season fast approaching, pick ONE AND ONLY ONE company that we want to reduce to rubble.  And then publicize and support every alternative we can think of to allow people who are poor, people who live in rural areas, people who don't have many choices, to still make the choice to stick with the boycott.  AFTER we make our presence felt, and preferably deal a blow that will eventually place that company at sufficient competitive disadvantage that their competitors can do the rest, THEN we move on.

    I suggest we seek assistance from the most successful leftwing movement of the last few years.  Anybody for Occupy Walmart?

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