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View Diary: Elizabeth Warren argues strongly for filibuster reform (222 comments)

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    my senator Jeff Merkley for his great work pushing for filibuster reform. I'm on my way to look up where my other senator Mr. By-patisan Wyden stands on this crucial issue. He isn't very receptive to hearing from his constituents, either by e-mail or phone.

    Harry worries me and it really is down to him. He has for years 'considered' changing this procedural rule only to allow it continuance and misuse. He insists regardless of the reality that the senate is an ideal deliberative body of colleagues who are able to work together across the vast aisle.

    Let's hope he finally gets real about reforming this currently anti-democratic procedural rule. It does not protect the minority it just renders the majority powerless. Maybe the senate wouldn't have an 11% approval rating, if it functioned as actual deliberative body instead of killing any legislation or debate before it even hits the floor.        

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