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View Diary: We Shouldn't Underestimate Jindal (90 comments)

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  •  Totally agree - Jindal GETS IT! (2+ / 0-)
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    politicalceci, P Carey

    He is Extremely crafty in camouflaging the extreme and noxious GOP tenets. He has a wonkish non threatning persona and gift og gab when he is talking on terrain that he knows.

    He is also very crafty in avoiding "hostile" press. His feet have not been held to the fire -YET.

    But he is more dangerous than say the vain empty suit rubio he knows how to play the inside game - kiss up to the big time donors, while smiling with the masses and appearing reasonable.

    His brown skin wont hurt either, he will be the poster boy for the GOPs attempt to white out its present monolithic appearance.
    Also he has a built in financial force ready and waiting. In his last campaign The Indian community gave generously and I suspect they will form a solid financial plank for him.

    He definitely is more scary than Rmoney was. And given that we dont know who the Dem nominee will be, this guy jindal will be a formidable opponent for sure.

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