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View Diary: Chain Restaurants, exploitation of employees, arrogance, greed, and crappy food. (175 comments)

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  •  A banana an apple, an orange (4+ / 0-)

    some cheese or even a bag of nuts cost less and saw me through in times when I had neither money or time or a place to cook. There really are ways even in this day to avoid toxic corporate fast non food. Nit being preachy but pizza or pink slime are not really cost effective or time saving and certainly are not worth the price of slave labor or the damage done to our environment or our economy.

    •  I eat very well due to planning, (4+ / 0-)

      a good kitchen and freezer, access to excellent farmer's markets and natural food stores.

      Soup from scratch, main dishes from scratch, generally using meat from humanely treated animals grown in a sustainable way, salad and seasonal fruit in every lunch and dinner.

      Half my weekend devoted to preparing food for the rest of the week.

      And you know what?  In spite of all that, sometimes I STILL find myself in a place where I don't have that food handy, need some calories right now and would prefer a balance of macronutrients (some protein, fat, carbs).

      Fast food is fastest and cheapest and easiest to find damn near anywhere compared to healthy food.  That is why there is so much of it, and why so many people eat it.

      For me, at this time in my life, it is the freaking time that matters most in the decision to eat fast food.

      No time to go home and get the healthy food that for some reason I don't have with me.  A schedule shot to hell by unexpected events that means too many hours since I last ate.   A need to quickly get enough calories in me to go another 4 hours without need to eat anything else, because there wont' be another opportunity than this 15-20 minute window of time.

      And yeah, when things are that bad, HOT food makes a difference.

      If modern jobs were sane with predictable schedules and only 40 hours a week, maybe things would be different.  But it has never been like that my entire adult life.  

      Before I worked in an office I never drank coffee either.  The need to think even when my body wanted to be asleep meant that an available, free (most places I've worked) stimulant wasn't optional, although again I try to limit it to when it's most needed (because it works poorly for that purpose if you drink it all the time)

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