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  •  When I started my business (7+ / 0-)

    I took no pay from my business for the first 5 years, and it was 8 years before I was making more than minimum wage.  I was working another job to make ends meet.  That's worse than most people experience, but it is never easy.    My workers were far better paid than workers in similar businesses in the area.  That is how good workers are attracted and kept, which in turn is a key to success.  However, inasmuch as it was seasonal work, there were no benefits.  

    The economic rewards were in the sale of the business when I retired, but the reasons I did this were primarily about personal autonomy and being sick to death of working for the people I had been working for.  My son's anger at his employers hasn't reached that point this time around.  He has already tried to start one business, motivated both by disgust and a narrow but significant market he thought was not being serviced.  His workers were similarly well rewarded but paid as part timers.  Unfortunately, his first time effort failed when the market he was serving died in the recession.

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