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View Diary: New Legislation Would Help Shorten Voting Lines, Strengthen People’s Ability to Vote (162 comments)

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    the states. All of which have an executive office of Elections with a Supervisor (elected or appointed), and bipartisan committees involved in allocation of resources, keeping the rolls, registering the voters, etc., etc., etc. States have taken their election responsibilities pretty seriously through the centuries, and they will have off-year and off-season elections in-state that don't have to follow any so-far proposed federal laws.

    But the law would give feds oversight of planning and carry-through for the every-two-year federal cycle. States wouldn't have to finance expansive early voting for state elections, but once the infrastructure is in place, most of them will. Poll workers, by the way, are primarily volunteers. Nobody wants to overwork them, but the pool can be expanded locally to cover the extensions. My county Dem "She-Who-Knows-All" (who is well into her 80s and calls me every election) could round up a dozen in an afternoon, for shifts during the entire 15-day period. Bet your county "She-Who-Knows-All" could do it too, or share the job with the Republican "She-Who-Knows-All."

    We'd feel a lot less like a Banana Republic, wouldn't we?

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