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  •  Xi, Al Qaeda, or one of those names... (2+ / 0-)
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    StrayCat, Meteor Blades

    Seriously, it made me laugh when I read about the spinmeister OBL actually was!

    From Aldus Shrugged (because when you spend a year writing and editing something, it better be fucking quotable, and top anything I could write off the top of my head right now:)

    "...‘And like we said the other day, they don’t play the victim very well.’  I added that, paused a while to watch her sip her coffee, and then switched gears.  I was dying for a laugh about now.  ‘You know the SEALs who found those journals…Bin Laden’s…yes, the guy wanted to kill us all, starting with our president, but you know, Bin Laden was a real Public Relations guy:  a spinmeister!  He hated what the brand Al Qaeda had come to stand for, and he was thinking like a PR pro.  The guy had made up possible new names for his murder and terror network, to help get the world’s sympathy back.  Did you hear about that?’  She nodded and stared in total interest…at me.  ‘They found a list in his journals, of ten possible names to replace Al Qaeda.  New name, new label; so it’s all good!  Kind of like Blackwater to Xi.  Poof!  Like magic!  New name for Al Qaeda?  I’m going with The Sunshine Boys.  Seriously, I can just see him in his traditional dress, only instead of being up in the dusty mountains, there he is, stepping out of the subway at 34th and Lex, and walking across Madison Avenue to his day job…at Horowitz and Cohen Ad Agency.’  Dessa laughed and then turned to make a new pot.  I paused a moment and added, ‘Luckily, Tora Bora is an express stop on the 4.  I mean, he’s an Upper East Sider, right?  Semitic, entitled, uncaring…’  From behind, I could see her shaking her head.  I didn’t know her that well yet, but I knew there was a smile covering that face, as she shook her head in mock hopelessness for me.  I was spacing out on her upper back for a moment.  My eyes darted left to a Rorschach..."

    Aldus Shrugged : The Antidote to Ayn Rand. Tear Ayn, the GOP, and Fox News new orifices; laugh and enjoy. @floydbluealdus1

    by Floyd Blue on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 11:45:45 AM PST

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