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  •  Soup and chili in a can is EZ!! That's 1 meal and (2+ / 0-)
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    ThatPoshGirl, Bryce in Seattle

    1 more into an airtight tupperware/ish container in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch or dinner.  Chop up some onions or red/green peppers and plop them in the same pan.  

    Put the top on it, put it on one of those round black things on top of that "stove" thing in the kitchen, turn the dial (look at the little picture to get the right dial) up to Medium and hang around for 5-8 minutes.  

    Do other little things like wash the cutting board and knife, stir the stuff every minute or 3, when it's steaming at you or just getting bubbly, take it off - and turn off burner!!

    Pour into a bowl and enjoy.  Maybe sprinkle some grated cheese on top (chili).  Get a $2-3 dollar bag of healthy chips (I don't do generic crap) or some of your own awesome bread.  Voilà, dinner.


    Great short rant!

    The GOP says you have to have an ID to vote, but $ Millionaire donors should remain anonymous?

    by JVolvo on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 12:36:41 PM PST

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