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    ThatPoshGirl, Bryce in Seattle

    Do you have two pots, a little one and a big one? How about one biggish pot, a bowl, and a microwave? If you do, you're golden.

    OK, get a jar of spaghetti sauce and some dried pasta, whatever shape you like. Get some salad greens in a bag. Buy a bottle of salad dressing.

    Boil some water in your pot, maybe five inches deep with a bit of salt. (Put the top on the pot when you boil water; it's faster.) When the water is really, really boiling, when it's roiling in the pot, dump in a quarter of the pasta. Set your timer for however long the package says-- it'll probably be about ten minutes.

    Meanwhile, put some of the salad greens in a big bowl. Add some dressing. Stir it up.

    Then put some of the spaghetti sauce in a bowl. Put it in the microwave. Zap it for 45 seconds to a minute, just enough to warm it up.

    When the timer beeps, drain the spaghetti. Put it on your plate. Put the sauce on top. Serve yourself some salad. Yum!

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