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  •  several years ago Wal-Mart had a short-lived ad (3+ / 0-)

    that was supposed to show the intense dedication of their workers, working themselves to the brink to bring you your Christmas. What it actually showed was a really sick employee trying to smile and not cough while standing on a ladder because they were lucky enough to draw extra hours that week. Scary. That may have been just my left-over impression- maybe it wasn't Walmart, maybe it was a chlora-septic commercial. Either way it said, 'See? Sick people can and do go to work. Aren't you glad?'

    •  I hate cold remedy commercials (1+ / 0-)
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      nuclear winter solstice

      Because they typically depict a sick person, who's still quite contagious about to enter work, a school or a store.  You're sick, take something to feel better, get some rest and get better, don't take your medicated infection out to the masses.

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