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View Diary: Why I'm Rejecting Rabbi Yoffie's Call for Progressive Jews to Support Israel's Bombing of Gaza (328 comments)

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  •  Indeed (2+ / 0-)
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    puzzled, volleyboy1

    Which is why so many hundreds of thousands of soldiers come home to no help. Get over it. PTSD isn't something that warrants treatment. Shake it off.

    Is there a big difference between "psychological demons" and PTSD?

    •  So you start off with the false claim that TT (9+ / 0-)

      is discussing Jews and mental illness, then proceed with the false claim that he's accusing all Jews who disagree with him of mental illness, and now you've changed the subject to soldiers coming home from war, which no one is talking about except you.

      Listen, my mother grew up in Germany and was lucky enough to get out in late December 1938.  Does she have psychological demons?  Absolutely.  Is she mentally ill?  Absolutely not.

      •  There were no false claims (1+ / 0-)
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        I have quoted the diary repeatedly. You may disagree with my conclusion, but it is not without basis.

        Do your mother's psychological demons prevent her from coming to logical conclusions? The diarist suggests that Jews that disagree with him suffer that flaw. You may not call that a mental illness. I do.

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