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View Diary: Killing Sacred Liberal Cows, or What Economists Think About the Economy (105 comments)

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  •  I heard this story too... (0+ / 0-)

    and even the "left of center" economist was obviously not terribly left of center.  It struck me as a markedly right-of-center group of economists.  Probably another lame attempt by the NPR editors to create "balance."

    There are plenty of respected economists who support the notion of a progressive income tax, foremost among them a guy named Paul Krugman.  You might have heard of him - Princeton economist, Nobel Prize Laureate, prominent columnist for the NYT.  There's also Joseph Stiglitz, another Nobel laureate.

    Obviously not all economists want to get rid of SS and Medicare, but I can guarantee you that anyone who calls themselves a "centrist" -code for "moderate conservative," a libertarian or a radical free-marketer WOULD support the idea of axing all those programs.  So the composition of their panel was obviously stacked to the right.

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