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View Diary: Gerrymandering, Electoral College by Congressional district, and the 17th Amendment. (100 comments)

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    So, there is another idea out there that the big states would agree to award ALL their electors to the winner of the national popular vote.    Some states have already expressed an interest.      

    This would make the gerrymandering and local laws of states like Ohio and Florida meaningless, and it would have the result that every voter in America carries the same weight.    It wouldn't matter whether your Dem vote was cast in New York or Texas.    It would count to the total, and help elect the president

    Religion gives men the strength to do what should not be done.

    by bobtmn on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 06:27:06 PM PST

    •  Not true. (0+ / 0-)

      National Popular Vote would only cover those states that adopted such rules, not those states that choose not to participate.  In the hypothetical scenario of more states under Republican legislative domination opting for the post-gerrymandering district plans, their electoral votes would be distributed to the winners in each of their gerrymandered districts (with, presumably, the 2 at-large electoral votes going to the state's overall popular vote winner).  Their influence and weight in the Electoral College would be even greater.

      In the game theory of how National Popular Vote plays out, those states that choose not to cooperate in the system would retain greater individual power than those that do.  Those states that did choose to participate in NPV would essentially have committed themselves to unilateral partisan disarmament in a highly partisan system.

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