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  •  You know, I can remember (6+ / 0-)

    when BB [Big Bang] 'won' finally over SS [Steady State]. I was in the 7th grade, moved from upstate New York to Oklahoma over Christmas break. My science textbook in New York taught that the universe had no beginning, and might not have an end. When school started the second semester in Oklahoma, the book taught Big Bang.

    I remember that because my father was a physicist [applied] - taught for 3 years at the Citadel, served a rotation at the Pentagon. Once through the revolving door after retirement (Corning/Rand), he developed the original heat shielding tiles for the Apollo missions, worked with TI on the computers. He'd been a Big Banger all my life, so I was paying attention when the paradigm changed...

    Global Climate Change has been an issue for a lot of decades, but I also remember in the '70s it was primarily aimed at Global Cooling - the likelihood of another ice age. But since I'm over sixty and have lived in many places (this last one for 20 years today), it's been clear for some decades that overall warming was what was happening. USDA agrees, changed my climate zone this year to the next warmer.

    That's the "government" talking to those of us planning our crop rotations year to year. It's well past time they tell the rest of the general public what's happening.

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