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View Diary: Air-Minded: the C-130 Replacement that Wasn't (114 comments)

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  •  This diary is a great example of why I (11+ / 0-)

    love DailyKos.

    Thanks for writing an interesting and informative diary. When I rolled out of bed this morning I never imagined I'd be captivated by a story of flying trucks.

    Back in the 1970's I was called to Canadian Forces Base Downsview to help with a "special delivery" arriving around midnight. About 20 university students, mostly football players, were there at the request of a professor. We were to unload cargo from a C130. (I am pretty sure it was a C130)

    Military personnel waved us through and indicated we were to wait outside the terminal where an enormous flatbed truck was parked beside the runway.

    We weren't military but were instructed to make this delivery a clockwork military operation. The plane was to land, we were to follow instructions and have the cargo off the plane in a matter of seconds. Yes sir!

    I remember watching the plane's lights approach the runway. In an instant it was on the runway and I was in awe of how such a large craft could be so nimble. We approached the back of the plane as a ramp descended. There were three enormous  Haida dugout war canoes in the hold. Down the ramp, on the truck, all clear. I think we did get that cargo out of there in under a minute. The roar of the engines was enormous. A few moments later the plane taxied down the runway and was gone almost immediately.

    All these years later I wondered how that rendezvous had been arranged, and who approved the airlift. Anyway that's my little story about my brief encounter with a C130 and my tiny contribution to Canadian heritage. Ultimately those canoes were destined to be the centrepiece of a major new national museum.

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