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View Diary: What should we do about the retaliating fat cats? (68 comments)

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    greengemini, Pandoras Box

    another diary this AM involves a doctor who  told an elderly friend of mine that he could add 30 years to his active  life if he got   both shoulders replaced , but  he better do it NOW before Obamacare kicks in and the Obamacare PANELS won't let him do it...
    the friend of mine is a Rushbo listener so he never even questioned the doc and now  is telling  everyone he knows they better go get their hip ,knee and WTF,  BRAIN transplants now before the panels  deny them.
    this is one of the most disgusting medical tactics I can imagine on the part of the doc and an incredibly selfish one on the part of these 80 year olds who are quite well to do but determined to get theirs ....BTW..i didn't even bother to ask how much of it medicare would pay wonder we have such high healthcare costs

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