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View Diary: Face it Republicans. Obama is the Democrat's Reagan. (264 comments)

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  •  The President had to fight tooth and nail to get (1+ / 0-)
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    two Republicans to sign on to the stimulus package, because he didn't have enough votes initially, and they would not have passed it if it were a trillion dollars.... And just how you pass a bill without votes again??? If the President hadn't passed the stimulus he passed we would be in a Second Great Depression.

    This statement you made is beyond ridiculous:

    "Bill Clinton had to ride to the rescue, providing people with example after example of how transfer payments keep people out of poverty, how the economy works, and tying the stimulus to real results."

    No, Bill Clinton told the American people the great things the President has done.... Let me get this straight, Bill Clinton just told people how transfer payment keep people out of poverty and everyone just run out and vote for Barack Obama?? He didn't recite the great things Obama had done.... He just talked about theories and why did people connect Barack Obama to those theories again???

    Bill, Clinton didn't save the auto industry, Bill Clinton didn't pass the Affordable Care Act. I have great admiration for Bill Clinton, but even though he and Hillary tried to pass Health Care, while he was President, they were you remember that???  Who passed the bill? Barack Obama passed the bill....

    You tend to contradict your own views, you wanted the ACA to fail, yet you claim you were glad the Supreme Court didn't strike it down??? I don't believe that statement.  You are dedicated to the ridiculous notion that Barack Obama has failed, like John McCain, and yet you are glad he was reelected...huh??? I don't believe it....

    I wish you anti-Obama folk would stop claiming you are happy the President is reelected, if it were left to you, we would have a President Romney today.

    And that's the issue with folk such as yourself, you are good at staying behind your computer and complain, but you are unable to elect anyone.... Because you can't tell me one individual in politics today who could have been elected and carry out the agenda you somehow speak of. I challenge you to name one....

    Most people disagree strongly with your assessment of Barack Obama, and unlike your incredible claim that you are glad the President was reelect, I can prove that most people are in favor of this President, and do not believe he is a failure, you know how I can prove it? Well...he was solidly reelected!!! This says it all! Your anti-Obama crusade has failed horribly.....

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