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View Diary: Face it Republicans. Obama is the Democrat's Reagan. (264 comments)

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  •  True, but as the former requires the latter, and v (0+ / 0-)

    ice-versa, its all chicken and egg.

    The only reason to oppose choice is religious (conception = humanity, interfering in 'God's design', etc).  Same with homophobic tantrums.  

    And bc they know this is true in the flinty little Hell-fires they have in place of hearts, then the 1st A must go.  Of course, the question then become 'which church'.  For which it warms the cockles of my Jeffersonian heart that atheists in Cali realized it was smarter to demand to be included in the nativity display than sue to prohibit it.  

    Down that path lies jibbering fundies throwing shite at each other. :)

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