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View Diary: Ackerman (D-NY) and Others Unload on GOP at Benghazi Hearing (UPDATED) (135 comments)

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  •  I think the country (3+ / 0-)
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    would go ballistic if they tried that on Obama.  While the wingnuts believe him of terrible intentions, there's not a shred of evidence he's done ANYTHING wrong or illegal.  With Bill they at least had an affair in the Oval Office to go after him with.  What high crime and misdemeanor would they charge Obama with?  Lying about his birth certificate?  Hahaha.  Even with Benghazi, all they really have is alleged incompetence and a rumored coverup which has zero basis to it.  Even if the worst was true in what they're alleging, it falls way below the high crimes and misdemeanor threshold and deals only with character and bending the truth.  For that bar they'd have to have indicted every Republican President since Eisenhower.  

    "A celibate clergy is an especially good idea, because it tends to suppress any hereditary propensity toward fanaticism." -- Carl Sagan

    by artmartin on Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 11:38:00 AM PST

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