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View Diary: Romney handing out free advice on how to win the voters-with-teeth special interest group (147 comments)

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  •  Sorry, folks, but I'm furious! (1+ / 0-)
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    Minnesota Deb

    Rmoney sh*ts on the President for ostensibly buying votes of all and sundry, but most particularly those damned minorities, wimmen, illegals, etc.  US minorities, wimmen, illegals, etc., that is.  Me, you -- US.

    Damn him!  He's not just saying the Democrats bought the votes of more than half the voters in the country, he's saying WE ALL WERE HAPPY TO LET OUR VOTES BE BOUGHT!

    I'm afraid that's calumny and lies at best.  At worst it's criminal slander.  I've never sold my vote for any consideration.  No politician ever promised me a blankety-blank thing for my vote.  I'm way too old for contraceptives, living hand to mouth on a program first set in place ~70 years ago, paying regular premiums for Medicare to get one physical and a flu shot each year -- and like any true blue progressive I bitch more about my beloved toothless democrats than I do about the ignorant fools on the Other Side.

    But I'm DAMNED SICK AND TIRED of being accused of selling my vote.  Do the Republicans not understand that they are guaranteeing that more than half the electorate will NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER vote for a Republican EVER, EVER in the future?  (Not that many of us have in the past.)  They're stupid, and they're wrong, and I'm f'king tired of being called a criminal by that wealthy, a-hole pr7ck and his equally useless associates and co-believers.

    There.  I feel better now.

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