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View Diary: President Obama meets with congressional leaders to discuss avoiding that fiscal cliff thing (81 comments)

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    The financial media pundits ignore every bit of good news focusing on their plan to push the stock market down, making money on their shorts, and punishing the wide majority of people's 401ks and IRAs, to try and force the government into doing their will. All they care about is the wealthy maintaining power, and squeezing everyone else further down. They have no interest at all in saying what is correct or supporting the government or the American people in any way. They have a belief that when they pay little tax that it is fair and they are entitled to it because they control large pools of borrowed money that is backed by the government. Every deposit in any of the major institutions gives them the power to spin their beliefs nonstop on several major networks. There is no way the government can stop them from moving the market in any direction, even when they commit fraud and lie repeatedly on cds or libor or any other contrived financial instrument. Their reporters yell and scream on tv when they don't get their way and there is clear collusion by hedge fund managers on tv every day. And CEOs and their bought legislators actually have the nerve to tell the American people that they must give up the very public institutions and retirement subsidies that they have spent their lives building. Never mind that in 8 years we will produce more oil than any other country including Saudi Arabia and Russia, and as soon as 2 years will be the greatest natural gas producer in the world.  Saudi Arabia has a GDP that averages around 5% with 10% unemployment, but they have an economy that is tightly controlled by the government.  Wall Street wants our government completely out of the economy.  They want no regulation whatsoever so that they can take our money into their pockets on any day of the week, decide if we are to have jobs or houses, and how much we have in our retirement account .  Somehow the price of energy will not come down for us because it is traded on the world market and most likely will be exported to China so they can create more jobs there.  This makes no sense because we have been told that our import of energy has caused our trade deficits. We need to use our own energy sources to power up new manufacturing plants and provide cheap transportation to our own industries and people.  We clearly have enough resources to stop importing energy and goods, and put our people back to work.  If our democratic republic cannot pay off our debts with our many new energy sources, then something is wrong with this system.  It is our land where the energy resides. It is our country that provides the labor and the transportation, risking men's lives every day like today on another oil rig that exploded.  Let's take our country  back from Wall Street and their cronies.

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