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View Diary: Walmart Workers are Standing Up: "Something incredible is happening!" (99 comments)

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  •  Unions Need To Make Deals With Teamsters (14+ / 0-)

    The Unions representing Wal-Mart workers or workers who wish to form unions need to make deals with the Teamsters including financial remuneration for the Teamsters support becaiuse once Walmart and others figure they cannot move their goods into the stores-they will crater.

    What the U.S. and the world for that matter need to create collective bargaining leverage through unions and any other group. Except this time-make the unions far more local with strict anti corruption rules.

    These companies like Walmart whose founding family is woth 50-80 billion while their workers are starving, are so vulnerable. Why cant these companies adopt a Costco model or over here in London, the John Lewis model, where the workers and executives own the company guaranteeing pride in their work, knowing they have a vested interest.

    This runaway capitalism has destroyed the owners' souls and so what if the Walton family only has 10-20 billion but with the knowledge their company is giving dignity and livelihoods to millions should more than make up for any decrease in their worth.

    Otherwise, there will no longer be a reason to adhere to common decency and we will go back to barbaric times. Forget this fiscal cliff bullshit; we are at the moral cliff where human dignity and humane values can be lost forever.

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