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    are very different from what we imagine.

    For them it really is all about the same thing that Conservative wealthy fear:  mob rule, chaos, the end of civilization........the dark side of democracy which the Founding Fathers also feared. That's why we are a Republic, with an Electoral College, etc. etc.

    I remember back in the 1960s when average people were totally freaked out by the chaos in the streets, riots, kids gone wild on drugs (my mother said it got to the point where mothers running into each other in the supermarket no longer asked about each others' kids because so many were in jail or under care for damage done by drugs).

    Yes, many people would rather stay hemmed in and at the mercy of the boss  and the wealthy . . .. rather than trust 'the rabble' around them. Plus, it's a priceless feeling to know one isn't at the bottom; others are inferior.

    For an excellent 'read' I recommend "PR! A Social History of Spin" by Stuart Ewen. PR! A Social History of Spin, was the foundation of a four-part BBC series, "Century of the Self," produced by Adam Curtis.


    Google books has more. . . . .

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