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  •  And he's willing to jeopardize national security.. (7+ / 0-)

    by demanding publicizing details of the covert CIA mission in Benghazi with his blustering demands on national/ international TV.

    The CIA has been put in the position of admitting that the two former Navy SEALs killed that night (were) employed by the CIA.

    While other nations are probably aware that CIA agents often work at US embassies it's not something that the CIA, the State Dept., or US Administrations routinely broadcast.  Even though the US and other nations send their spies on covert missions in other nations--for the sake of their agents, and the success of their missions, these are not things that nations routinely discuss in their national medias.

    The vast majority of the agency's overseas officers are under what is known as "official cover," which means they are posing as employees of another government agency. The State Department allows hundreds of its positions in embassies around the world to be occupied by CIA officers representing themselves as diplomats.

    McCain's placing the needs of his ego over the safety of national security personnel and the success of their missions shows him to be a narcissistic jerk.  Even worse, it shows he is placing his ego needs, and his partisanship over his patriotism.

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