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View Diary: John McCain rewrites his epitaph (129 comments)

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  •  John McCain! The gift that keeps on giving (9+ / 0-)

    What a disgusting piece of garbage the senior senator from Arizona is. Something about this little weasel has always bothered me. Was it his constant smarmy phrase "my friends" every time he was laying some bullshit on the TV? Was it the choir boy look while blinking one of his nasty lies on the TV? Was it my frustration with the fawning media that elevated this reckless loser to almost sainthood status? Was it his recent claim that he is still proud of his selection of Sarah Palin who was most qualified to be president? Maybe it was all this and more.

    The good news is that, finally, this phony has been busted. He is becoming a joke and I can't wait for the good guys to rub his nose in the pile of shit that McCain just dumped in DC.  

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