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  •  Good morning everyone. Nice work, James! (17+ / 0-)

    What I like best about your work is you tie it all together and the result is a consistent look throughout; matching wood, trim, styles, and methods. That gives it the professional "look" that I see. NICE work, man. Nice.

    Hey dd - that "knick" your FIL noticed? I worked for my landlord many many moons ago, to help pay our rent. He built houses, and took me to one that the new owners were coming to see before taking possession; his men were finishing up the kitchen for the final inspection. We walked in the front door and the first thing he did was borrow a hammer and - to my horror, though none of them flinched(!) - he knocked a hole in the LR wall! When I gasped "what are you DOING?" he calmly explained that the homeowner would see THAT first, and IGNORE the other problems in the house, and he'd leave it that way until the very last minute - because of THAT they wouldn't notice the kitchen cabinet that didn't quite line up, a cracked bathroom tile, the doorway trim that was off 1/4", and all the other little "knicks" in the house, and they'd feel a whole lot better when he got THAT hole patched, hours before the turnover.

    I know 2 things - he never built more than a few houses in all, and I didn't work with him for long. Maybe he was right, but I just didn't want to work that way.

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