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View Diary: Black Friday protest plans are making Walmart nervous (90 comments)

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  •  Laura: they seem to be missing several of the (1+ / 0-)
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    Homa Sapiens

    critical points they need to get to the "good Republican Walton family" that could shame them into doing something: 1) they aren't being paid enough to rent a decent home, thus they must be tapping the Section 8 and Public Sector housing in local cities and rural communities.  2) their pay and part-time work hours = Food Stamp program dependence, and 3) they are being exploited by the Walton family and the Board that operates the corporation but the bigger situation, and the one that seems to be relevant is that they are the working poor who aren't educated enough to get a better job!

    Don't the unions have a team that could do the research to verify what this is doing to the so called "welfare state" created by this multi-billion dollar company?

    Their strategy seems weak.  Yes of course I know it's true that they are bullied, have part-time work hours so they can get away without paying benefits, pensions, etc.   But this entire video seems to be the wrong approach.  It's NOT about respect or bullying!!! It's about worker exploitation that puts xxx % of Wal Mart employees in this country on the welfare rolls.

    Something is deeply wrong with that.  And then of course, we have the exploitation of workers in China!!

    OMG... this is a nightmare.

    Americans need to join them and stop shopping at Wal Mart.  If they lost 1/2 of their friggin' profits, I imagine that they might make some changes!

    Can the unions do an anonymous survey to determine the FINANCIAL FACTS and how this company is putting pressure on local governments?

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