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View Diary: John McCain's egg-on-face Benghazi comeuppance (270 comments)

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  •  Ironically (7+ / 0-)

    It's the very paucity of faux scandals they have to grab onto, that give said faux scandals a semblance of heft.  It's Benghazi 24/7, like it used to be that single 5-second clip of Rev Wright.  The constant repetition from that echo chamber also means that it gets an airing on MSM as well, and the reverberation lends the faux scandal a veneer of credibility:  There must be some there there, if everyone is talking about it.

    Compare the insane wealth of gaffes and scandals and just plain creepiness our side had with Romney.  Any one of them would have supplied years of material to Fox and Friends, were the shoes and feet reversed.  But because they kept coming so fast and furious, each ended up seeming like not so much a big deal--not releasing taxes, trees the right height, Bain outsourcing, you can do your own mental list.  

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