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View Diary: Congresswomen step-up for Susan Rice (205 comments)

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  •  Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson has words for.. (2+ / 0-)

    republicans about their the Benghazi scandal fabrication & attacks on Susan Rice
    (Colonel Wilkerson: Chief of Staff to former Secretary of State Coli Powell)
    30 second commercial - sorry)  
     Ed Schultz:

    so what it comes down to, can we come to the conclusion that the republicans department like the talking points and they didn't think there was enough information in them, so now they are saying it's a coverup?
    Colonel Wilkerson:  
    i think it's more serious than that. i think they don't like susan rice so they have fabricated some attacks to try to keep her from, as they think is a possibility, being nominated to be the replacement for secretary of state hillary clinton so they are starting their attack early. this very idea that one single senator, this used to gall me at the state department, it galled me at the defense department too. that one single senator can exercise his will and stop the appointment of a president's secretary or assistant secretary is nonsense. we have to get beyond this sort of thing.
    ..this is not necessarily an intelligence failure. it's simply a political move by my party to try to capitalize on what they think are the deficiencies of a president who just beat the daylights out of them. - emphasis added
    Thx Denise Oliver Velez - And a major H/T to these Congresswomen united on this :)
    transcript @ link

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