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  •  As for doctors I think a lot of them are motivated (5+ / 0-)

    by being good people.  Not all, but many.  If money was the only motivation, someone with enough smarts to be a doctor would probably choose to be an investment banker.

    Right now, their earnings are being squeezed by insurance companies, so it's not like they haven't already experienced financial pressures.  And before ACA, companies had even more incentive to drive down payments, because they were not limited in how much profit they could skim off from premiums.  Now that companies can't keep more than 15% for overhead and profit, then they don't have quite so much reason to try to cut payments to doctors.

    A friend of mine has a family practice in Michigan.  A few years ago, she left the medical group she was affiliated with and struck out on her own.  She does not take insurance, and that means she's able to keep her costs down.  No need to have one (or more) person on the staff who does nothing but deal with insurance companies; no need to wait months for payments.  Even though some patients need to make payments over time for their services, she's still getting paid much faster on average than when she worked with the insurance companies.  Because of all the savings, she's able to charge less for a visit, too.

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