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  •  I think you're off the mark there. (5+ / 0-)

    I do think doctors deserve high pay, given the work they do and the amount of training that they have to go through to get there.  I'd rather pay high wages to medical professionals than to CEOs, athletes and celebrities.  At least doctors and nurses are saving and improving lives.

    •  I understand that viewpoint, though an alternative (4+ / 0-)

      might be to make it far less expensive for the committed and talented to become doctors.

      Take the cost recovery element out of market pricing doctor's salaries / remuneration. Nurses too for that matter. We have too few of both right now, particularly primary care physicians.

      The manner in which medical training is framed in this country leads to higher costs - rather than higher numbers of trained doctors and nurses.

      •  It's not the training... (3+ / 0-)
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        Higher costs are driven by funding.  Hospitals operated as for-profit corporations are the problem.

        Doctors are rewarded based on how much money they bring in to the hospital.  They benefit by driving up the costs.  There is no real incentive to promote preventative health care.  As long as the patient has adequate insurance, hospital policy is to do a much testing as possible.  After all, the machinery has already been paid for; billing for it`s use is how the costs are recovered.

        I believe that the health care system should be a combination of single-payer financing and hospitals operated as not-for-profit entities.

        I bet you know how I voted!

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