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    The least your friends could do was make this difficult...

    1.  Businesses do not ever have to buy insurance policies for their employees.  Businesses under 50 employees do not have to do anything (which is the boat your friend seems to be in).  Businesses over 50 have to help pay for the insurance policy, but can still require employees to pay some part of the premium.

    2.  Trips to the ER will still cost money.  I have health insurance and a trip to the ER sets me back a $50 or $75 copay (I recently switched and don't remember what it is).  Doctor's visits are the same way (though the copay is typically smaller).  

    3.  Doctors don't amass hundred of thousand of dollars in debt, not to mention making 10+ years of their lives a living hell with next to no sleep and no life, because of some pot of gold.  Those that aren't motivated by something else (wanting to help people, pride, whatever) tend to wash out.  Also, maintaining a medical license requires continuing education and doing better does get you better pay because pay is linked to performance.  

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