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  •  I think you've hit the heart of the matter (2+ / 0-)
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    They talk to one another. They take down opposing signs and (even a week after the election) peel off bumper stickers. They wear fish on their cars and GOP regalia, and console themselves with Faux news. They truly believe that they are in the majority, so when they lose, it must be cheating.

    Evolution and climate change are way beyond the conversational meaning of the term "theory." They are about as much facts as anything ever is in science, and yet most GOPers deny them.

    The weight of a dozen polls said Obama would win (despite "likely voter" screens that were downright bigoted) and yet they denied them.

    I don't think they will do much talking to anyone but themselves in the next two years, either. We have only ourselves to blame for letting the 08s fly and becoming victims of gerrymandering. If you look at the House results, in the old districts we would have had the Congress back.

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