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  •  They're more durable than you think. (0+ / 0-)

    Mine's been dropped, tossed across a room, it's dented, it's scratched, it's had beer spilled on it countless times, it's never out of my hands (and I'm CLUMSY), and I even read the thing while walking the rain.  It still works flawlessly.  My mom loves hers and she's fairly tech illiterate.  I've seen four year olds using tablets.  I've never seen a four year old using the indexing system at a library.  They're more obtuse.  

    It's obviously not a major agenda item...getting even the poor as plugged in as possible, and making pluggin' in as empowering as possible.  The government bends to parties seeking to extract as much capital as they can on their intellectual property.  People who can't donate money to political campaigns rarely see their needs met.  But that does not preclude the need of our libraries to adapt to stay relevant, to meet the educational needs of our underprivileged in the modern era.  Libraries have historically functioned as a modern database.  And modern databases are cheaper.  And more efficient timewise in delivering relevant products for the simple reason that it takes a while to physically walk to and then find a book.  Imagine if every reference on wikipedia were available to anyone, any time!  Where the difference in cost is that of the production of a book vs the copying of a four megabyte file.  

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