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View Diary: Is President Obama the Democratic Reagan? (45 comments)

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  •  A communitarian view of America... (2+ / 0-)
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    ...existed long before Obama entered the scene.  He's benefited from being identified with that perspective to a certain degree, but he did not transform perceptions.

    I personally would not count Reagan as all that transformative, either, as I think he, too, benefited from existing ideas more than he altered them.  Maybe that does make Obama another Reagan, but not in the way the other diarist intended.

    Back to transformation.

    Obama seeks bipartisanship and bargains, and is (imho) a little obsessed with them, to the benefit of achieving small steps, to be sure, but also to the detriment of diluting larger goals.  Those bargains, those reaching-across-the-aisle moments for their own sake, even when some of those are unnecessary, are not the goals of a transformative vision, but merely tactics to try to achieve a vision, whatever vision, one espouses, and those are tactics that Reagan used as well.  It's the vision that matters, that makes a leader the transformative figure an FDR was and a Reagan was not.

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