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  •  Look at how hard it is to raise taxes on the 2% (2+ / 0-)
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    wealthiest americans, just as ONE example of how the fight against the plutocracy is, and will be, difficult.

    In december 2010, Pres. Obama had to accept to keep the Bush tax cuts for two years, in exchange for a lifeline for unemployed workers, some stimulus to keep the recovery alive, and a chance to pass the DADT repeal, the START treaty and a couple of other important bills. He didn't have much choice, having been severely weakened politically by the mid-term elections. (That he was able to obtain so much in his "deal" was impressive IMO.)

    But I remember quite vividly that when he compromised on the tax cuts, he said that this was just a postponed battle. And sure enough, he has been campaigning since then for ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Repeating over and over and over again in his speeches, statements, his objective in bringing more "fairness" ,  making the wealthy pay "a fair share", etc.  It has been the central theme of his presidential campaign. He won the election, dems have gained seats in the Senate and in the House, but because of gerrymandering, the GOP still controls the House.  And ending those damn Bush tax cuts for the wealthy will be a legislative battle.

    So if we expect Barack Obama to win the battle against the plutocracy in a few short years, we're going to be disappointed. He has chosen to fight within the system, with all the frustrating compromises and set-backs that this implies. But he has begun the work, no doubt about it. What's the most important I think is the grassroots organization he has built. If people have ANY DOUBT that Barack Obama is dreaming of giving back the power TO THE PEOPLE, just watch him getting emotional when he talked about it, in his last election rally in DesMoines on Nov. 5th, and in his visit to the Chicago headquarters on Nov. 7th. I'll be back with the links.

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