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  •  He wouldn't qualify as Republican right now (0+ / 0-)

    I'd question that he'd fit into the Republican mainstream any longer.  What passes for mainstream in the party now is somewhere between Tea Party mild and Tea Party Extremist.

    Just remember the recent election.  Romney was, not so long ago, considered something of a moderate.  Out of touch, for sure, but a moderate.  To win the nomination and keep support in the party he had to morph into at best a tea party lite guy.  Still totally out of touch with the electorate but moving right which he continued to do right through the cycle.

    Goldwater came across in the election we're discussing as an extremist war monger in a country already deeply exhausted by Vietnam.   Then along with that came the attack ads of all attack ads from LBJ.  It was, remember, a time of extremes.

    Goldwater would never get nominated today.  The secular Republican saint Reagan would never get nominated either.  Nor would Nixon, Eisenhower, Coolidge and certainly not Teddy Roosevelt.  That is how far right the party is drifting, all the while denying that it's drifting at all.  At least till earlier this month.

    Even now I'm sure there are those in the party that will deny the rightward drift, the shrinking base and blame it all on left wing media (what left wing media????) and Obama giving so-called gifts out to so-called special interest groups.

    We can live in today or live life not understanding yesterday is a cancelled cheque, tomorrow but a promise all while we piss on today.

    by TtfnJohn on Sun Nov 18, 2012 at 05:02:30 PM PST

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