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  •  Today's Republican Party.. (0+ / 0-) an abomination.   To point out the differences between them and Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt is perhaps unfair due to ....well--we democrats are quite different from the party of Andrew Jackson and Grover Cleveland,  so....I'll give them a pass there.

    But the shear difference between them and Eisenhower, Goldwater, Nixon, and even Reagan and Bush disgusting.

    Because there aren't any Republicans left anymore.  The Southern Strategy was sort of the radiation spill that created the Godzilla we're fighting against today:

    The Dixiecrats voted Republican, yes, but then invaded the Republican Party and killed and gutted  it--they're Southern Democrats, George Wallace lineage, garbed in the skins of dead elephants.   The skins are slowly beginning to rot off, though.

    Fiscal conservatives are valuable to our government...I just wish there were some in it.   They're nothing now but a charade of heavily veiled and repressed racism, and a witchhunt against a largely imaginary moocher class.

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