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View Diary: Young voters are becoming feminists (16 comments)

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  •  this has been increasingly the case for some time (9+ / 0-)

    i was stunned to see my little sister set up a gay-straight alliance in high school, and see it succeed, having remembered the open homophobia at the same high school 12 years prior. i think there was a big dip in young women being willing to call themselves feminists back in the 90s, because of the relentless onslaught of attacks on straw women feminism back then, but if you looked at people's attitudes towards issues it was never as substantive a drop in support as it was a rhetorical defense mechanism.

    but seeing the kids wear it proudly, be it LGBT open-mindedness or open feminism, is incredibly heartening. i look forward to their aging into the electorate, and joining ranks with them in the battles to come, for my daughters' future as well as my wife's and sister's.

    the kids are all right.

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