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  •  I read your diary (5+ / 0-)

    and forgot to extend best wishes to you and your family

    I drove for Continental Bakery in Des Moines during the mid 80'sand was a proud member of the Teamsters.  Made a decent living too - just as you described - bought a new car, paid down debt, saved money towards retirment, etc.   Long hours but good pay.

    Occassionally, I would get a chance to sneak across to the bakery area, the huge ovens where the dough was prepared and the bread was baked and packaged.  What I remember most about that area was the hot and humid work environment.  One summer day, I went upstairs to see what was going on and I swear the temp in that room must have been at least 140 degrees.  The workers were soaked with sweat and chugging water.

    Just curious, did you work with the ovens?

    •  not directly, but I will never forget the heat (0+ / 0-)

      The bakery in Lenexa has 2 giant ovens. One for buns and one for bread. Bread was the big one. Each pan holds 6 loaves and each shelf holds 12 pans. The shelves would convey through the ovens. The heat was inescapable in most of the building. Summers were insane. People experienced heat stroke on a regular basis. I suppose anyone there experienced a few woozy moments over the years.

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