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View Diary: President Obama's Burma Visit Shows Off His Mastery of Foreign Policy (50 comments)

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    Thanks for filling in the blanks.
    we have a major shift, in my opinion, long overdue, to play a sustainable role in foreign policy instead of the old game.

    I remember when James Baker delivered a speech at Tx A&M, I think, about foreign policy, years ago - I think during Bush II.
    A smart, determined student asked whether our foreign policy, aiding and abetting the pursuit of "our oil under their sand" wasn't counter productive in that it propped up oppressive dictators thus serving as  powerful recruiting tools by the power seeking Bin Ladens of this world to get young people willing to blow themselves up to attack us.

    Baker was shocked, shocked I tell you by the question He said:
     But we've had this policy for 50 years!!! and dismissed the questioner who had made such a relevant point regarding  the troubles in the Middle Easr and the world.

    Well, I believe that Barack Obama's upbringing and experience give us a president who is not delusional about the consequences of a neandertal foreign policy. The Uber exuberance and triumphalism of the McCain/Graham dog and pony show do not impress our president. And I think that enrages them. It makes them irrelevant.
    President Obama, I agree, understands iwhat it takes for la civilized long term policy for stability and sustainability, fairness and justice in this world.

    Aung San Suu Kyi who Obama will be meeting with, has been a heroic fighter for a democratic Burma
     She "has been placed under house arrest for 15 of the past 21 years, on different occasions, since she began her political career", seeing her husband and children only for a few days during that time. Her husband died at the age of 53 in England where he and the children lived.

    So we are seeing, hopefully,  a major shift in world view that comports more closely with how the majority (or at least the next generation's majority) of people in this country feel.. Young people, thanks to people like Steve Jobs and the freedom of the internet (for now), see people around the world much like us and not pawns to be harnessed to fatten the profits of those who mindlessly exploit the natural resources of the world - not to make things better for everyone but to satisfy the "wall street" of this world..

    This is not socialism to talk  like this as people like David Frum or Jame Baker III or Jeb Bush or other "respected elders" in the Republican Party would have us believe. It is a true capitalism that the father of capitalism, Adam Smith would approve of. It is capitalism without exploitation. It is capitalism with each person/company held financially accountable for dumping crap in the air or water and destroying the environment that sustains life on the planet.

    It is giving each person the opportunity to live as a free person and saying "no" to a top class of billionaires and everyone else living at substandard levels.

    Thanks President Obama and you know we will continue to speak out to have your back and keep pushing you to move in this direction.
    I for one hope that now that General Petraeus has stepped down, you will reconsider your drone program. Interpol is a better way to go, if that is possible. The use of violence and terror by extremists is a criminal act and should not be dealt with as an opportunity for violence and war where innocent people are victims.

    Finally people have gotten sick and tired of being had and taken for idiots. Mikhail Gorbachev

    by eve on Sun Nov 18, 2012 at 07:11:13 AM PST

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