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  •  Unconstitutional (3+ / 0-)

    The Constitutition clearly states majority rule in the Senate with rules to break a tie. Anything that subverts the Constitution IMHO is Treason. Hundreds of little overthrows of the government each year with fillibusters. If the goal is to promote dialog, require the Senators to actually be there when a bill is debated instead of a Senator, someone at the chair, and a carefully placed CSPAN camera. Each Senator should be given 10 minutes to talk if they want then vote up or down. The rules now are designed to allow the maximum of time to solicit bribes from lobbyists and make fund raising calls.

    If the Senators want a process that doesn't change anything vote no on all the bills.

    •  Point me to the spot in the constitution where it (0+ / 0-)

      says that. I agree with you in spirit but treason is too strong a word. We have been recklessly called traitors in the past and we have no business in sinking to their level. The courts have consistently upheld the right of the chambers to set their own rules.

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