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  •  I disagree. (7+ / 0-)

    Twinkies were not always made of crap. The addition of extreme preservatives and HFC etc., were part of the same mechanism that enables this harvesting. It does not diminish the bakers, they don't buy the ingredients or set parameters.

    •  Agree..I worked at Continental Baking in the 80s (3+ / 0-)
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      And Hostess products are not the only "unhealthy" products.  In NYC you get to see nutritional facts when you buy similar but "higher quality" products like gourmet cupcakes.  The saturated fats and calories are high in these as well.  HFCS was introduced mainly by the beverage industry as a cheap replacement for sugar.  Sugar in the US costs a lot more than HFCS due to subsidies for the corn industry while forcing the price of sugar up.  For the most part HFCS and sugar are both simple sugars with similar physiological impacts on humans.

      Hostess/Wonder also made some fairly good products including their rye bread - but they didn't move fast enough into other health products like Arnold and Pepperidge Farm.

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