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    tardis10, TheGreatLeapForward

    First, Mr. Christie has quite a few skeletons in his closet.  He did not come up in New Jersey politics through the good government route.  You can get away with it in New Jersey.  In a national election, this will come out.

    Second, he's not exactly a moderate.  (Our marriage equality law still languishes while advocates try to turn a few more Republicans to override the veto.)  He is also quite pro-life.  However, SNL seems to be rather fond of promoting conservatives as moderates; Lorne Michaels did more for John McCain than a whole army of Republican vote suppression specialists.  

    But he's been successful at it because by Mississippi standards he is less than a total conservative.  As a result, when he's up against Huckabee and Santorum, Fox are going to hit this hard.  So he likely wouldn't make it through a primary.  Furthermore, while his re-election chances are better than they were a year ago, he's going to have to tack way to the left to knock off Cory Booker; after that he'll join Christine Whitman in oblivion once he terms out in 2017.

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