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View Diary: Israel commits Mass Murder and Obama Silent again (145 comments)

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  •  Netenyahu is not serious about peace, (3+ / 0-)
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    mole333, Smoh, mahakali overdrive

    nor are some Hamas members/allies.

    They each want their own, uncompromising vision to win, eventually - so, back and forth, violent dancing and posturing happens in the meantime.

    To be sure, this situation has been perpetually good for Netenyahu and his peers and he has a history of insincere promises in early negotiations, I feel; in each case, he pulls back on more open conditions as constructive possibilities come into view or simply lets significant items to discuss - e.g., settlements - move forward and poison his possible intentions.  Hamas was practically formed on this kind of violent division, even more explicitly.

    Israel is getting bombed on a semi-regular basis and they deeply respond with superior firepower at times, which feeds the next few mortars/rockets . . . and the cycle becomes a true circle of mutually assured violence, oppression and hardened sides.  Given the effect of Israel's "occupation" and siege/victim mentality on both sides, it's hard to tell who is fomenting this cycle more, these days.

    Typical negotiations have proven ineffective here, so I don't blame Obama for staying out of the middle on the public stage right now: politically empowering either side too much has always been a losing position at the time.

    I'd imagine anything we're attempting right now in this region is mostly behind the scenes, but with intractable elements on both sides, a powerful military and far-right government that benefits from a constant state of proactive defense within the larger region, plus loads of political implications abroad, it will probably take a long time to find a solution where power, territory and trust are less violently shared.

    "So, please stay where you are. Don't move and don't panic. Don't take off your shoes! Jobs is on the way."

    by wader on Sun Nov 18, 2012 at 10:36:42 AM PST

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